Monday Briefing – 7/28/14

Woohoo! Camp Nanowrimo is down to the final countdown (tell me you didn’t sing along to those last words … I dare ya!) and yet I’ve only now hit my stride, writing-wise. I’m finally at 20k for this month, but my total word count for the novel is sitting at about 62k. Not too shabby, really. It’s not like I’m just gonna quit on July 31st either – although the Big Vacation is coming up shortly after that. Fortunately, I have a definite idea where the story is going so all I have to do is spill the words out as coherently as possible. I do have tomorrow off, too … Who knows? I might manage to finish before August after all. I don’t plan on holding my breath, though.

Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Writing:Β Get as much of Fire Blessed out as comfortably possible. Then again, comfort is overrated.
  • Reading:Β Work on my vacation reading list – I plan to work in a decent amount of book time in between the sightseeing and the wedding duties. Besides, I end up being on a plane for almost 12 hours or something ridiculous like that. Emergency entertainment is required.
  • Personal:Β Packing time! Make sure I have enough of the necessities to last the two and a half week trip – one of the longest vacations I’ve ever had! It’s also the first time I’ve ever been in a wedding, so that might have something to do with it. Also hope to get some more blog posts set up for easy scheduling. I will not abandon you my loyal readers!

Amazon Unlimited update: So far, no sales or borrows. I’m fairly obscure though, so I’m not too concerned. Plan to post another reminder on Facebook and possibly braving Twitter to hopefully get a few friends interested. I’m also working on some ideas to promote the book a bit better, with the hopes of creating some release hype for the sequel as launch date approaches. Stay tuned for more updates!


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