Missing out on the deals at San Diego Comic Con?

One of my favorite authors is having a sale! If you want to check out a fun paranormal adventure where tomatoes caused the end of the world, pixies are smart-mouthed backup, and vampires are caused by a virus – look no further!

Kim Harrison

There’s not much sadder than a reader pinning away, knowing that cool stuff is happening and not being able to be a part of it. And it doesn’t help that they keep tweeting about it, either! (pout)

So to help ease the pain of missing out on the swag and freebies, I’ve got a special discount on most of my back list titles that I want to share with you.

Wanting to round out your collection? Here you go.
Want to make your library portable? Here you go.
Got a friend you’ve been trying to read the Hollows so you can share the love? Here you go.

It’s likely going to be the only way to get a “boxed” set since you can get them as a paperback OR an e-book. It doesn’t matter! But don’t let it sit in on your phone all alone. Retweet! Share! Get this out…

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