Madly Typing Friday – Why do you write?

First of all, I have to celebrate a little. One of my first followers and favorite bloggers is back~ Yay! Zen/Xen posted a little piece today that got me really thinking. I know I’ve read questions like this before, and I might have even posted something about it. *searches her posting history* Hmm. Maybe I justΒ thought about posting an answer.

The question is – Why do you write?

This can definitely be a controversial topic, though I don’t intend for it to be. Everyone has their own reason for writing. There is no right or wrong reason in my book – unless you somehow figured out how to harness evil and wrote a curse book that turns whoever reads it into cabbages. In which case, I’d love to interview you. πŸ˜‰

But I digress. I thought this question made a perfect Friday post so: Why do I write? For a lot of reasons, actually. But first and foremost – I write for readers.

I think I’m still new enough to the writing world that I haven’t lost the selfless (or would it be selfish?) reason for writing – to give someone an escape. To create a beautiful new world to explore, with a cast of characters that the reader can relate to. I want to make the reader laugh, cry, and liveΒ in the story. My greatest dream? To someday have a reader come to me and say, “I love your work – your books changed my life! You’re the reason I wanted to become a writer.” Will it ever happen? Probably not. But it’s a nice dream, and I don’t feel too guilty about it.

Do I want to make money? Of course I do. Do I want to make millions? Come on, who wouldn’t? BUT – do I think it’s possible for me? No. And that doesn’t really bother me. I know I won’t ever be a New York Times bestseller – I doubt I’ll ever rank very high on the Amazon charts either. That’s fine with me. Writing is a hobby, and if I can make enough money writing to treat myself to a nice dinner every once in awhile, fantastic! (In fact, I’m currently saving my book sales money to buy myself a Nintendo 2DS – I know. I’m weird.)

Right now, it’s enough for me to have readers just enjoy my book. I don’t have many reviews, but the ones who have reviewed it loved it. In fact *knocks on wood* I haven’t had a single person tell me they didn’t like it. That’s more than enough for me right now.

Plus, I still get tingles when I tell people I’m an author. A published author. πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Madly Typing Friday – Why do you write?

    • Funny you should ask – I can’t see 3D. I have an eye impairment called ‘strabismus’ more commonly (and incorrectly) called a lazy eye, or crossed eyes. It’s not very noticeable unless I’m really tired, but one of the side effects is that I can’t focus out of both eyes. I can only look out of one or the other. Which means, no depth perception – no 3D. *shrug* It doesn’t normally bother me, but with a 3DS the screen looks super blurry, even when the 3D feature is turned off. But I wanna play the new Pokemon games, and they don’t work on the original DS … so 2DS it is!

  1. Interesting question. I’ve never really considered that I had another option. Having stories in my head all the time feels a bit like insanity and writing then down is the only means I know to get them out and quiet the constant buzzing of I ideas being to be let out.

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