Reading Wednesdays – Book review: Magic Lost, Trouble Found

  • Book: Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin
  • Genre: Fantasy

Holy cow! To think I’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for over a year, completely unaware that it contained everything that I adore in fantasy: elves, magic, intrigue, dangerous creatures, you name it!

Synopsis: Seeker Raine Benares is a sorceress who specializes in finding things. She’s good at her job, too – especially when her family deals with piracy and the black market. Nothing like having family contacts to find missing jewels or persons. But when Raine accidentally finds an ancient evil artifact that had been lost for centuries, she’s the one being sought. Now, she has to dodge a goblin prince, shamans and an elven paladin who want the artifact for themselves. It doesn’t help that the item seems to have a mind of it’s own … and it doesn’t want to let Raine go.

The book has a fun, light-hearted tone, and is full of witty humor. In addition, I fell in love with ‘spellsingers’ and her version of goblins – can you say pale fanged elves? Yes, please!

The plot was packed with action from the beginning, but the author made sure to include just enough information to keep you from getting lost or confused with the story. The snippets of romance were tantalizing, and I’m hoping that the love story develops more over the following books. Needless to say, I’m extremely grateful that I have the next three books, and eager to get started on them.

Highly recommended for someone who wants a humorous fantasy, or anyone who has been looking for a good book with elves as the main race/characters (like me!)


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