Monday Briefing – 6/30/14

Last week was a decent week for goals. I managed to finish my book of the week, stuck to my diet, and worked out some issues I had with the WIP. I didn’t join in on any flash fiction, and I actually forgot my Friday post! Oops!

Now for the new goals:

  • Reading: Work on getting some book reviews written. Pick a new book to savor in between word count goals.
  • Writing: The big goal – I’m joining Camp Nanowrimo for July! I’m now settled into Austin, I have a fairly regular work schedule, and I really want to get this story close to completion. The ultimate goal is to write until I’m finished, but I’ll be happy if I manage to hit 80,000 words overall. I’m sitting at about 40,000 currently – the trick will be whether or not I feel that I’m at the halfway point or not. I’ll be ecstatic if I can manage to break 100,000 words total – but I don’t want to disappoint myself either. Since I’ll be trying to crank out some hard core writing, blog posts might be fairly short and to-the-point – especially the Monday posts. In addition, I probably won’t do any flash fiction that isn’t related to the novel.
  • Personal: Vacation is in roughly a month! Time to start some preliminary planning and do some serious prep work on the blog. I want to have a week’s work of posts pre-scheduled by the end of the week.

Speaking of Camp Nano – I waited until the last minute before even looking at the cabin assignments. Therefore, I didn’t add any of my fellow WordPress campers! However, I’ll be more than happy to offer whatever encouragement I can here with comments and likes. If you want to look me up on the Nano site I’m under Nyrissa – I’m always happy to get support!



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