Madly Typing … Saturday?

Ack! I completely forgot to write my Friday post this week!

What’s worse, is that I actually had a writing dilemma. A creative break-down. Granted, I’m probably making it worse than it actually is – but to me, it’s a big deal.

I’ve reached a point where I went the wrong way with Fire Blessed. I got a little too excited with one of my new characters, and she’s now at the uber-god stage. Not what I intended at all. That means I now have to rewrite a huge section … and go through with a fine-toothed comb to make sure I don’t miss any little references. A daunting thought, but I think it’s necessary.

For my writerly followers out there – when do you decide something needs to be scrapped? Have you ever had to do a massive re-write to make sure your characters aren’t overpowered or inadvertantly godlike?


3 thoughts on “Madly Typing … Saturday?

  1. I’ve struggled with over rewarding characters at the end of the story. I’m not a mega selling author, but it would be hard to produce a sequel for a couple characters if my sales demanded it.

  2. I’ve done it. I had to rewrite about half of the book I was working. I was gutted. I had to stop writing for a while to gather up the energy to rewrite that much of the book. I read and rested and then started writing. Now, looking back, I can tell you that the new book is sooo much stronger and better for it. But, at the time, it sucked!

  3. Ugh… I feel your pain… Normally with me it happens with Villains. I get to a point (generally the pre-climax scuffle) and realize that either my bad guy is too powerful and I can’t realistically say my hero can defeat him, OR I realize that my bad guy isn’t formidable enough and really the hero should have been able to thwart him much earlier.

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