Madly Typing Friday – Book Excerpt!

Yup! You all read that correctly – I’m adding a book excerpt today. Hmm, I can’t tell if those are cheers or groans …

My past teasers and excerpts didn’t really go over so well … except for the agonizing paragraph from Fire Blessed I posted awhile back – but it was one heck of a cliffhanger. I think the reason the other excerpts didn’t go so well is because they were ‘weak’ parts of my book. I’ve been so concerned with wanting people to start at the beginning and not wanting to give away any spoilers that I neglected to give a glimpse of my real writing. Sure, linking the first chapter of a book is a great idea – except my first chapter was the weakest and yes, most boring, part of my novel. It gave a lot of information, but I was so worried about giving an info dump that I put in a lot of unnecessary scenes. A classic beginner mistake. Not to mention, I hadn’t written much of anything in years, so that first chapter was my way of throwing myself to the wolves – make it or break it. Luckily, by chapter two, I was making it.

That doesn’t mean I’m just going to give chapter two. Nope, I’m going all out and you’re going to get to read one of my favorite chapters from UnBlessed. If you want to be really technical there are some very, very minor spoilers – but absolutely nothing Earth-shattering. Nothing that will ruin the big surprises of the book. As this is from Chapter Six, there may be a few unfamiliar terms or confusing references, but overall it should be a fun little read.

Now, a section from Chapter Six of UnBlessed by Crystin Goodwin – available in paperback or kindle format!

Kisara let Lucien lead her to his palace, trying to make sense of what just happened. Eirene liked Lucien? Well, that wasn’t too hard to believe; she liked all males. But she never wanted to settle down with one. To learn that she wanted to be Lucien’s mate … but Lucien had turned her down. Had told her he wanted Kisara instead. No wonder Eirene had started such a vicious rumor! Wait. Eirene was the one starting rumors? Kisara’s stomach flipped unpleasantly. If Eirene was the one behind all of them, it was no wonder even the most outrageous claims had been believed. Eirene had been in a position to ‘know’ everything that was going on with Kisara—and Lucien, too. After all, she was friends with both of them, wasn’t she? Shuddering, Kisara remembered Eirene’s vicious words from earlier. No, she was friends with Lucien. Not the unBlessed. Not Kisara.

The first tears silently trickled down Kisara’s cheeks as she and Lucien reached his home. She whispered softly to herself as Lucien held the door open for her. “I can’t believe it. All along …”

Lucien looked at her curiously and blanched when he saw her heartbroken expression.

Still reeling from Eirene’s betrayal, Kisara didn’t notice, didn’t think. “It was her all along. All this time, I thought she was still my friend …”

“Kisara …” Lucien grabbed her shoulder in concern then froze. “Wait, what?”

Shaken from her self-pity by his touch, Kisara blinked in confusion.

“What do you mean ‘it was her all along’? What was her?” Silently, Lucien repeated Kisara’s words to himself. “You can’t believe what?”It dawned on him just as Kisara’s eyes widened in panic. “It was Eirene?! She’s the one who’s been starting those damn rumors?!”

“Lucien! No, wait!” Kisara grabbed his arm before he could dash back out the door.

“Why? It was Eirene, wasn’t it? Am I wrong? How dare she?! I’ll teach her a lesson she’ll never forget!”

“No, Lucien! I don’t know if she was behind them all!”

“All? Meaning she was responsible for some?” His temper flared, along with his power.

Kisara flinched and cried out, looking down at the thin layer of ice coating her hands.

Appalled at his lack of control, Lucien turned to her in concern, Eirene temporarily forgotten. “Kisara! I didn’t mean—Are you okay? I’m so sorry!”

A sardonic voice sounded from further down the hall. “Tsk, tsk. Such temper, Lucien. How unseemly. What happened? Did you find Kisara with another male?”

Looking up in mingled annoyance and relief, Lucien said, “Marius! Thank goodness. No, I didn’t do it on purpose. Kisara hasn’t done a thing wrong; it was just an accident. Maybe you should warm her hands, though; she’s been outside and her hands were already cold. There shouldn’t be any permanent damage, but just in case … would you mind?”

Grinning in delight, Marius immediately strode down the hall. “Warm her hands? Why, I’d love to!” Silver eyes glinting impishly, he ran his fingertips intimately down Kisara’s forearms before twining fingers with her. Turning slightly, so that Lucien was behind him, Marius winked at Kisara before bringing their hands to his mouth. He made a show of blowing on her hands, causing Lucien to glower.

“Marius …” he warned.

Eyes twinkling, Marius deliberately refused to turn around. “What? I’m just doing as you asked, which I must say, I’m rather pleased you finally relented. To think! I can finally touch the fair Kisara’s hands without fear of retribution …”

While he baited Lucien, Kisara felt him gently call on his power. She couldn’t help a small, relieved sigh as warmth wrapped around her icy fingers, a searing heat that quickly eased into a soothing glow.

“See? Does that feel better now, sweet Kisara? Did I miss a spot? Poor dear, to have Lucien abuse you like this …” He shifted so that Lucien could see the kiss he placed on the back of her hand.

Kisara tried to hide her amusement at Lucien’s outraged glare. Marius took an unholy delight in needling Lucien, and he usually succeeded in getting Lucien alternatively flustered or riled. Frankly, Kisara thought it was a good thing that Lucien had at least one other friend that didn’t fawn all over him. Besides, she just couldn’t bring herself to ruin Marius’s fun. He didn’t mean any harm in it.

“That’s enough. I’m sure she’s plenty warm now.” Lucien yanked her hands out of Marius’s grasp. “Thanks a lot.” He added sarcastically.

Bowing, Marius replied, “Oh, it was my pleasure. Anytime. What got you so worked up anyway? I would have bet my Blessing that you’d never even think of hurting Kisara …”

“It didn’t hurt! It—he just surprised me, that’s all.” Kisara patted Lucien’s arm in an attempt to distract him from thoughts of Eirene. “Honest Lucien, I would have been fine even if Marius hadn’t been here. It was only a little cold.”

Tulio’s voice called from the dining room. “Marius? Lucien? What are you guys doing? Is Kisara here yet?”

“Oh, right. Lunch.” Marius winked at Kisara. “I forgot for a minute there. Hungry?”

Glowering, Lucien turned back to the door. “No. I have something I need to take care of.”

Dismayed, Kisara threw a pleading look at Marius. “Lucien, wait!”

Looking between the two of them curiously, Marius decided to help Kisara out. Something was amiss, and it was unlikely he’d learn what it was if Lucien left. “Oh, let him go, Kisara dear. I’d love to have you all to myself for lunch anyway. Here, lets sneak off before Tulio comes looking for us—then you can tell me what’s bothering His Iciness. Did you two get into a fight?” He asked the last hopefully.

Glaring over his shoulder, Lucien snapped, “Knock it off, Marius.”

“Why? It looks to me like you’re going to ignore her and run off. After you invited her for lunch today. Is whatever you plan on doing more important than Kisara?”

Snarling, Lucien got in Marius’s face. “It’s important because it’s about Kisara! Don’t act like you know what’s going on, Marius. I’m pissed off enough already!”

Raising an eyebrow at Lucien’s outburst, he watched him quietly.

After a moment he asked sarcastically, “Oh, were you finished? Really, Lucien, you should do something about that temper. It’ll get you into trouble one day.” Marius paused, flexing his own power to combat the chill emanating from Lucien.

Returning his attention back to Lucien, Marius said, “Now instead of biting my head off, why don’t you head into the dining room and grab Tulio? If it’s something about Kisara, we’re going to want to know about it, too. You’ve brought her around often enough that we’re rather fond of her as well. I, for one, want to know what exactly is going on. Come on, Kisara. Time to spill it.”


Well, what do you think? Interesting? On the more practical side, was this too long of an excerpt? Too short?


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