Reading Wednesdays – Book review: Throne of Glass

  • Book: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
  • Type: Young adult, fantasy, romance

Now, I must admit that I found this book by accident. I was researching agents for my own book, and one of them was looking for something along the lines of this series. I had never heard of it, so I looked up some information online, and this one sentence completely grabbed my attention: “What if Cinderella didn’t go to the ball to dance with the prince … but went to kill him instead?”

Now, first let me explain that this is the question the author asked herself when she first started writing the book. Throne of Glass doesn’t really have any of the Cinderella elements left: there’s no evil stepmother, no glass slippers, and no over-worked servant girl. There is a glass castle, a prince, and something sort of like a fairy godmother – but that’s it. Instead, you end up with a fascinating fantasy story with a very unique heroine. I can’t think of another story that had the protagonist be a female assassin – and I don’t mean poisoned lipstick and pointy-hairpins assassin. I mean a real assassin – daggers in the night, ninja-style wall scaling – that sort of thing. The whole book just blew me away, and I’m dying to read the rest of the series. Here’s a little synopsis:

Celaena Sardothien, also known as Adarland’s Assassin – the most feared killer in the world, is sentenced to life in a prison labor camp after she is apprehended. The Prince needs a skilled fighter to participate in a contest within the royal court that will select a King’s Champion, so he hunts down the famous assassin to discover that she’s merely an eighteen-year-old girl. Celaena jumps at the chance to win her freedom, especially since it only requires her to be the last person standing at the end of the challenge. Things aren’t always as easy as they seem, especially when the other challengers start turning up dead. Staying alive might be the hardest challenge Celaena’s faced yet.

Full of gripping action, brief romance, and some hilariously witty passages – Throne of Glass is a marvelous read for almost anyone. The book reads smoothly without sounding childish, and the combination of grisly deaths, fight scenes, subtle romance and magical elements means it has something to offer everyone.

I highly recommend giving this book a try – after all, don’t you want to know if Cinderella manages to kill the Prince?


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