Madly Typing Friday – Bring back … that writing feeling.

So, no flash fiction this week. I was mulling over the prompt for Jay Dee’s ‘What will you write?’ series, but I just couldn’t get a story to start. This brings me to a question for those followers of mine who’ve done flash fiction for awhile: is it okay to be choosy with your prompts?

I mean, I understand the purpose behind flash fiction is toΒ write. Stimulate the creative juices, venture out into unfamiliar territory with a safety tether, and all that. But what if you just can’t get started? Should I force myself to write something?Β Do you follow multiple prompts, so that you have some variety to choose from? (I’m terrified to follow too many, what if I find like – eight- that I want to do? Then I’ll never get any work on my novel done!) I don’t think I’m particularly picky – and I have no problem venturing out into a genre that I’m not familiar with – but something about this one stumped me. Maybe it was because I had to write in the PoV of an elephant. Maybe it was that I didn’t feel any freedom in the prompt – all I could envision was something that belonged in a National Geographic documentary.

Am I wrong to think that if I’m not interested in writing it, no one will be interested in reading it? I mean, an author’s energy comes off the page. Readers can tell when you aren’t really into it – at least, I do. Some of the areas that were criticized the most in my novel were the sections I bullied myself through to get to the ‘good’ parts. Interesting, no?

So, since I decided to wimp out on the flash fiction goal this week, I’m going to focus on the novel a bit more. Hmm. I think I’ll comb through what I have (in both my books) and throw in a little teaser for you guys. That might be fun.


5 thoughts on “Madly Typing Friday – Bring back … that writing feeling.

  1. I’m new to the whole flash fiction thing but I kind of treat it the same as I treat anything I write… I write what I’d want to read and what I think others would read. Also whatever sparks my imagination which feeds back into the first point (o:

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