Monday Briefing – 6/9/14

Ugh. I feel like such a failure! Yet again, I failed to reach my goals for the week. Darn ‘real life’ likes to keep interfering with my reading and writing. Of my goals last week, I only managed to write my first flash fiction. I’m sitting at about 71% of Timebound by Rysa Walker (and hoo boy, is it getting good) and managed to squeeze in about 1,000 words to Fire Blessed.

I had a complete, utter meltdown Friday (my ‘reading and writing’ day) because I thought I would have to give away my cat. The apartment complex has an astronomical pet deposit, and they also want her to have updated vet records and shots. I know I should have probably kept up on her shots, but she’s an indoor only kitty – after I gave her the initial shots I thought it would be fine. Then, to make matters worse, after I decided to give her up none of the animal clinics or shelters would take her without an appointment – which were about two weeks out. That meant I still would have to pay the ridiculous pet deposit, so I decided to just suck it up and eat ramen for the next month. After all, I didn’t really want to give up my baby.

So, now that I know that life likes to mess with me (I can totally write 5,000 in a week – I used to do 1,500 a day for NaNo!) I’m going to set lower goals for this week. It’s depressing when I constantly fail to meet my own expectations. (Granted, I should probably cut myself some slack – this is basically my first week in Austin.) So the goals are as follows:

  • Reading – finish Timebound and write at least one book review from the reading list.
  • Writing – 1,000 words for Fire Blessed. Also included here are my other two weekly posts, including the book review from above.
  • Flash Fiction – I really enjoyed my first attempt last week. The new prompt is going to be a lot more difficult – I’ll need to think about how I’m going to write it.
  • Personal – Still need to get a schedule set, but this week’s goal is to (finally) unpack the last of my boxes that came with the movers today.

4 thoughts on “Monday Briefing – 6/9/14

  1. I’m wondering if all writers share a similar feeling of frustration. I know I do…and I’m not even a “full-time” writer. My biggest challenges are getting people to take me seriously enough to respect my space and solitude AND staying focused. I’ve found that making a list such as yours is really beneficial.

    • Yeah. I was an utter mess the entire day that I was thinking of taking her to a shelter. I didn’t sleep at all that night, then bawled all day. Granted, half the crying was for having to give her up, and the other half was rage and frustration at not finding a place for her. I was like, “This is hard enough, why are you forcing me to drag this out over days or weeks?!” Luckily, Craig got a little upset about it, too – so I had a good excuse to keep her. Well. We also both agreed to be a little more frugal on the money front so we could afford her.

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