Monday Briefing – 6/2/14

The whirlwind of activity is slowly drawing to a close. I’ve unpacked everything I brought with me, and I’m waiting on the final shipment from the movers which should arrive no later than Friday. I start my ‘new’ job tomorrow at my new store, and I’ll hopefully get a good idea of what my final schedule should look like. Now is the perfect time to set up and get into a good routine. With luck, I’ll actually manage to stick to a daily schedule that allows me to do a little of everything I love, without going too obsessive over anything.

My goals from last week were pretty mellow. I had wanted to read one more book on my TBR list, but the plane rides back were a little more unpleasant – I hate motion sickness with a passion. I ended up dozing on both flights, but I did managed to get a few more chapters read inΒ Timebound. I pre-typed all my blog posts before flying out of Georgia, so I managed to hit that goal. Obviously, the house sold and the move went fine. Two out of three goals accomplished, not bad.

This week, I’m going to shoot for the stars! Might as well see how badly I fall – besides, I might discover I can fly. Theoretically, of course.

  • Writing – Back to the novel! I’m going to go back to my old (never achieved) goal of 5,000 words added toΒ Fire Blessed. I can totally do it, I know I can.
  • Flash Fiction – This week, I’m going to try my hand at flash fiction writing. I’ve seen a few of these pop up in my reader, and they look super fun. It’s helpful that my first prompt happens to be a fantasy – though I hope to broaden my writing a bit and try other genres, too. Look forward to seeing that in a special post later this week!
  • Reading – Finish one book this week. There are a few that I started over vacation, so I just have to pick one and complete it. I read pretty quickly, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I also need to research how to do a really good book review – I’d like to have at least one ready for this Wednesday.
  • Personal – Set up a good daily schedule that allows me to dabble in my numerous hobbies. I’d like to set up dedicated times for writing, reading, crafting, gaming, cooking, and exercise – all while leaving a few open spots for spontaneous ‘let’s go watch a movie!’ moments.

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