Updates and awards!

Finally! The ‘great move’ is complete! I’m now happily settled in Austin – complete with new apartment (with pools, plural!), new job (hooray for cafe-only Starbucks!), and even a new grocery store! (By the way, HEB is the mecca of all grocery stores – they have everything.) Even my cat has decided to come out from hiding under the bed, thanks to some new toys and scratching posts.

To top off the list of happy items, my computer survived unscathed and even found the new WiFi with no trouble. My husband even set up a little nook for me where I can look out the windows while I tap away. How sweet, huh? ^_^

Plus – I log into wordpress to discover the lovely Sarah Findlay nominated me for a whole slew of awards. I mean, wow. Today has been an epic day! While I would love to accept them all, I have two minor dilemmas. First, I have no idea how to link the pretty artwork – need to do some research on that. Secondly, I still don’t have all that many blogs I follow. I’m starting to wonder if I’m picky. Or I expect myself to actually read the blogs I follow, which limits the number of blogs I can follow. After all, I do still want to write a few novels…

That said, I’m still extremely flattered to have been chosen for these awards, so I’ll do my best here

The Inner Peace Award (Woo! Figured out the picture issue! One problem down!)


This award just requires you to type a paragraph or two about why you’re accepting the award.

I decided to accept this award because inner peace is something I’ve come to appreciate after the hectic events of the last month or so. Even during the most stressful times I knew when to sit down for a few minutes and write, or read, or listen to a favorite song. I’m fairly lucky in that I can find that sense of balance and serenity with little effort. Then again, I normally live in a fantasy world in my head – hard to be stressed there.

Accepting this award means I’m supposed to nominate 14 people. *gulp* I’ll do my best.

The Angel Award

Aww! All you need to do with this award is thank the person who nominated you. Thanks, Sarah! *blush*

The WordPress Family Award

Wow. This award recognizes that bloggers are all part of a family who are there to advise, listen, and support each other. I agree with this whole-heartedly – I’ve met so many wonderful, helpful, friendly bloggers in the last few months. I jumped into this completely ignorant of what a blog was and the outpouring of help and acceptance has been overwhelming. In the best way, of course! Thank you to every single one of you who follow my blog, who comment on my boring posts, and who help me develop into a better blogger every day.

The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

So, this award is a little confusing to me. Apparently there are different rules for this award, but the gist of it is that bloggers are not only writers – they’re readers, too. So you nominate 14 people (what’s with the crazy number, guys?! I can do maybe four!) and have them complete the following sentence: “A great reader is …”

A great reader is someone who reads. No, seriously. Who am I to discriminate against the person who only reads newspapers, or the faithful blog follower? Aren’t magazines like miniature specialized books? Even a comic book is … a book. Go figure. So if you read anything – novels, memoirs, picture books, Facebook – you can consider yourself a great reader. And if you can get lost in what you’re reading, even for a little bit, then you’re phenomenal.

This brings my list to a close. Thank you again, Sarah! It made my day to see someone who appreciates what I do enough to nominate me for an award, let alone multiples. I’m humbled! Now, without further ado, I bring you my list of favorite bloggers! (Disclaimer: Some of you may have been nominated already – blame the huge number of blogs these awards call for! I don’t care if it’s cheating, you’re my favorite bloggers, too.)


Winter Bayne

A Writer’s Life For Me

Write me a book, John!

Confessions of a Book Geek

Rachel Carrera

S.K. Nichols

Wide Awake but Dreaming

I Read Encyclopedias For Fun

Books Are Delicious

(Yay, I managed to get 10 blogs!)

4 thoughts on “Updates and awards!

  1. Thanks for the kind acknowledgment. It’s stuff like this that makes me want to disregard my schedule and blog again. Hopefully your sequel is coming along well!

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