Reading Wednesdays – A new era is born

Well, this last week I dived back into my book devouring habits. I read a book a day for three days straight, and then gobbled up bits of other books trying to land on one I wanted to finish.

I finished Anna Dressed in Blood – very excellent book. I need to find the sequel though, I was mildly annoyed with the way it ended. It was still a good ending, just not the type of ending I like for those types of stories. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, here.

I also finished The Selection. I hadn’t originally planned to read that, but it was available for download from my library. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to reading the other two books in the series, although I can sense there’s going to be the frustrating love triangle drama that I have issues with. Oh, well. The world and storyline sounds interesting enough to help me overlook it.

Magic Lost, Trouble Found was another book I ended up finishing without really planning to. It was one of the books in my ‘meh’ box that I’ve been going through, and I had read almost half of it while waiting for my car to be serviced a week ago. It was highly addictive – I don’t know what I liked most about it: that it had elves as the main race/characters, the fact that magic could be sung, or how she created her goblins – basically as grey-skinned elves with fangs. Yum. Can’t wait to get back home to pick up the rest of the books in the series!

I haven’t actually finished any of these yet, but I’ve gotten a few chapters into each. The Last Wish, part of the Witcher series, has been really good. I borrowed it from my sister’s boyfriend. Timebound was on my kindle, along with Crown of Midnight. Then my sister had me start Storm Born and Marked. I’ve also restarted UnBlessed for research purposes.

I’m hoping to have a good, in-depth review of one of the books I’ve read this vacation ready for next Wednesday’s post. Which leads me to my parting question:

Would you rather have a vague, spoiler-free review that suggests who the book would be good for? Or do you like having a review that explains the major parts of the book without giving away any big surprises?


2 thoughts on “Reading Wednesdays – A new era is born

  1. Busy girl! I loved Anna Dressed in Blood but I agree with you about the ending. Seemed like a big set up for a sequel. Girl of Nightmares, the sequel is good, but not nearly as good as the first book. Worth reading but don’t get your hopes up too high about it.

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