Monday Briefing – 5/26/14

Woohoo! Still have another week or so of vacation left. I leave Georgia Tuesday to head back to Pueblo in time to close on the house. Then Thursday I get to head for my new life in Texas! I’m so excited to finally see my husband, it feels like it’s been years instead of the few months we’ve been parted.

My goals this week are going to be just as laid back as last week’s – I still have to pack and drive and other assorted stuff. Plus not having a proper computer makes writing difficult – I’m currently using my little brother’s laptop to write out my blogs, hehe. Yay for little brothers! So here are my goals for the rest of my vacation:

  • Reading – I want to read at least one more book from my TBR list. Possibly two. It can be done.
  • Writing – Not much. I’ll keep up with my blog posts, and I’ll write if the urge hits me. But no word count goals this week.
  • Personal – Finish getting rid of the house and move to Texas!

As for last week, I managed to accomplish quite a few of my goals. Obviously, I’ve spent the whole week with my family out here, getting my fill of hugs and late night gab fests. I even managed to add a little to Fire Blessed while I’ve been here. I also went overboard with reading, I managed to finish four different books while I’ve been here. Anna Dressed in Blood, and The Selection are two that I had on my TBR list. The other two are ones I found by accident – I’ll add a review for them once I’m set back up with a real computer.



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