Reading Wednesdays – Vacation reading list

Woohoo! Vacation time! I can now officially relax and stop stressing about the upcoming move. Everything is all set and sorted – by this time next week I’ll be signing the paperwork before heading on my way to Austin!

I intend to spend plenty of time with my long-distance family this week, but I also plan to knock out a few of the books I’ve been hoarding on my kindle. I even decided to treat myself to a few of the books I’ve been eyeing but haven’t felt comfortable buying. (This year is tight financially – not only did we have to pay the equivalent of two mortgages for four months, but we have to head to England for the sister-in-law’s wedding this August!) Since I have at least four hours of layovers, I figured I can get at least one of the titles off my TBR list. So here’s my vacation list:

  1. Timebound by Rysa Walker
  2. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
  3. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

In addition, I plan to re-read UnBlessed to refresh my memory on the timeline. I intend to get back to work on Fire Blessed and want to clear up a few things in my head. I’ve also finally gone at least a month since looking at UnBlessed – I’m interested to see how fresh it looks now!


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