Madly Typing Friday

First attempt to create a post on my iPad here … forgive me if the formatting looks wonky!

In my last two writing posts, I went over how I created my world, my characters, and my naming ideas. This week, I plan to go over how I developed my ‘religion’ and more detail on how my magic system works.

Within Myrillia, there are multiple ‘deities’ – for lack of better term. The Spirits (yes, caps) are the ones who bestow their magical gifts upon the races. There are the Elements like Fire, Water, Ice, etc., and then there are the Guardian Spirits which are the animal spirits – Tiger, Wolf, Jaguar, etc.

I use the terms deity and religion loosely, because there isn’t actual worship among the races. There’s respect (and disrespect – the names of the Spirits are often invoked as an oath or curse) and the Spirits did ‘bless’ the races with their gifts. But the Spirits aren’t all-powerful – much to their dismay. (Stopping there to prevent from spilling my guts and spoiling where the story has yet to go!)

So now I had two individual races with specific powers. The Melior had the ability to manipulate one of the Elements, and the Transeatur could shift into their Guardian Spirit’s animal form. Next, I had to decide I wanted to do with them!


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