Monday Briefing – 5/19/14

Finally! The eve of my vacation! Let me tell you, I have been looking forward to this for weeks now. I’m all set – I have my posts lined up, my vacation books selected, and my house is empty of all except my cat. Literally.

Last week was a ton better than my first attempt at setting goals for myself. Here’s the breakdown of what I accomplished:

  • Stick to posting schedule – check! All posts are on time, and I even have the bones for this week all ready to go. A few minor adjustments and it’ll be smooth sailing.
  • Add 5,000 words to Fire Blessed – failed, but not as miserably. Forgot that I needed to pack the computer – and it’s harder to type on the iPad. Only about 1,000 words done, but hey! It’s better than none! 
  • Pick books for my vacation list – done! Look for my list on this week’s Reading Wednesdays post.
  • Go through my box of ‘meh’ books – major progress. The series I’ve neglected for over a year is actually awesome – read half of book one while waiting for my oil change on Friday. And the characters are elves! Why didn’t I know this before?! Needless to say, they were a keep – and I weeded out two other books that I didn’t care for. Now down to a manageable five books – I’ll probably just stuff them in my car somewhere.
  • Personal goal – success! Everything fit into my car for the ride to my parents’ house, and I still have room for kitty. I also had a wonderful dinner at the Shamrock Pub here in Pueblo – a ton of friends showed up, and we had a blast. Tonight is the co-worker’s chance to say goodbye … we’re thinking Texas Roadhouse. Do I know how to eat, or what?

This week’s goals are going to be fairly short and sweet since I fully intend to enjoy my vacation.

  • Reading – finish at least one of my TBR books and get a rough draft for a review started. Re-read UnBlessed in preparation for sequel notes.
  • Writing – mostly brainstorming. Taking my idea book to jot down whatever comes to mind – also going to use it to take notes when I re-read UnBlessed.
  • Personal – spend a ton of time with my long-distance family! Got to get my fill of hugs and late night anime fests with the siblings, and should probably show the step-mother some love. 😉
  • Keep the posts coming – this week is already half-way done. Way to be pro-active, eh? 🙂

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