Madly Typing Friday – Creating a New World

To continue where my last Friday post left off, I’d like to explain how I developed the world of Myrillia.

When I was researching world development and getting general writing tips, I came across a piece of advice for writing fantasy that made a lot of sense to me. Basically, it suggested picking a root language to base the foundation of your world on – assuming you didn’t want to create your own language as Tolkien did. This would give your world a sense of continuity and underlying structure. Sadly, I can’t remember where I read this particular gem. If I find it, I swear to edit this post and add a shout out in a future writing post.

So, first I had to pick a language. I had already fallen in love with the names Lucien and Sebastian for two of my characters, so I looked up their origins. Well, what do you know, both are Latin origin! From that point on, I had my ‘roots’ for everything the world is built on. Myrillia? A Latin name that means marvelous. Pretty fitting, I thought. All of my names are either actual Latin origin names or Latin words. Some are rather obvious (like Marius … I love that name) while others are a little more subtle (Sebastian or Dominic don’t immediately scream ‘latin’ at me).

By choosing this approach and using a less-known language (I honestly thought about using Egyptian at one point), I was able to blend a comfortable amount of the familiar and exotic into my world. Some of my beta readers caught my naming theme right away, others didn’t catch it at all. I’m fine with that. I just know that I think Myrillia is a richer world because of it.

So I figured out how I was going to name things in my world. But what kind of world was it?

I’ve mentioned before that I love fantasy. I’m also a closet nature-lover. I love trees. Especially forests. So I wanted there to be massive forests on Myrillia. I also love how majestic mountains can be (you can’t live in Colorado and not appreciate mountains), so I added a mountain range up north. Because they had to be snow-capped, duh. There also had to be a lot of water – not just because people would flourish next to rivers, but because rivers are awesome. I grew up in northern Georgia, and my fondest childhood memories were from boating and going swimming in the Chickamauga river or driving down to Daytona Beach. The actual beach.

So forests, check. Mountains, check. Rivers and beaches, check. What about cities?

Well, of course there had to be those. Plus, since I had two difference races, the cities would have to be fairly different. This is where I had to do some serious deliberation to decide who and what my races were. More on this later. But I knew right off that I wanted my races to have a lower level of technology. Why? Well, partly is because of my love of nature. I wanted my races to be closer to nature as well. Sadly the more technology advances, the more I feel we as a society lose touch with real nature. I also wanted Myrillia to be a magical world – everyone knows that magic and technology don’t mix all that well.

Next week, I’ll delve more into the creation of my races and how their eccentricities affected how their cities and societies developed! (Sorry, if this post seems a bit rushed – trying to stick to posts and still pack up my house. Two weeks and counting until the move!)


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