Reading Wednesdays – Introductory post.

Woohoo! I’ve now come full circle with my new posting schedule – and I managed not to miss any! Yay!

Welcome to Reading Wednesdays, when I discuss all things reading and book related. Well, except for my books. I’m going to try and keep those on Friday posts.

As I mentioned when I set up my posting schedule, I’ve decided to keep a reading list for 2014. I’m currently at 8 (official) books read, with two paperbacks (I can’t remember the names, gotta hunt them down) and one unpublished novel that I’ve also been reading. Plus, I’ve been combing through a box of roughly 20 books to decide if they’re ones I want to keep or donate to the library. Four of them are already keepers – I managed to read the first two to four chapters of each and liked what I saw. Hoping to start diving into them full time once I get the situation with my move all settled.

Speaking of diving into books, I’ve now added three new books to my must-be-read pile. No, wait. Four? Anyway, here they are:

  • Fallen by Lauren Kate  – Sadly, I can’t remember which one of my wonderful blogs first recommended this book. I do know that Confessions of a Book Geek loved the cover …
  • Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake  – This was recommended by Hayley Knighten – I’ve already read the first two chapters and I’m hooked. Need more time to finish it! Sleep isn’t important, right?
  • Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A. Thompson  – I discovered this title just today from Confessions of a Book Geek. Her review caught my interest and the premise sounds fascinating. I’m planning to (hopefully) get a kindle sample to tide me over for a little. Maybe. *sigh* So many books, so little time.
  • Timebound by Rysa Walker  – I found this gem in my kindle daily deals a few days back. It sounds awesome and I managed to snag it for $1.99! Yes. I’m one of those awful people who buy books on sale … in my defense I do a lot of impulse buys. Plus, if I’m hooked enough I’ll shell out the full price – like I did for Anna Dressed in Blood.
  • Rise of the Alpha by J.R. Sandoval  – The way I discovered this title is a bit complicated: My sister-in-law’s sister-in-law wrote it. Since we’re both authors from Pueblo, CO (for now, anyway) I decided to give her book a try. Sadly, it’s only available in paperback right now. Not that paperback is a problem or anything, but I’ll probably wait to purchase it until after my move. I have enough books I have to cart down to Texas, I’d rather not add to them. 😉

Ah. I actually have five books. Darn it. Add that to the four I discovered while packing and I have my reading list for the next month cut out for me. That doesn’t include the fact that I wanted to reread the Hollows series in preparation for the last book coming this September … I foresee a book marathon while I’m on vacation. The 20th can’t come soon enough!

Not that I really need more, but I’m always on the lookout for some new reading material. Post a comment if you have a book series that you think I’d enjoy, or if you want to promote your own novels! I promise to give all of them a try!


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