Madly Typing Friday – Introductory post

Welcome to my first scheduled post! Fridays, as you might have noticed from the title, are all about the crazy life of a writer. Well. The crazy life of this writer at least.

For this first post, I’m going to answer a question that a few of my readers have asked me. I’m not sure if it’s a commonly asked question … it’s certainly one I never really gave much thought to.

So, here it is: “How did you come up with all that? Was it all in your head?”

I’ll admit, my first reaction was a dumbfounded stare. My story takes place in an obvious fantasy world. There is magic, among other things. What do you think I did? Studied a lost civilization? Of course it was all in my head!

But then I started to really think about the question. I managed to create an entirely new world – not many people can say that. This isn’t a futuristic Earth, or a medieval version, or even an alternate reality where there are paranormal creatures hiding among us. This is a whole new world. How did I do it? Why did I do it?

As for the why, I’ve always liked alternate worlds. With a new world, you can do whatever you want. You have a blank slate. What do you want your people to look like? I adore elves – tall, slender, beautiful people who love nature. They’re strong, agile, with better senses than we humans could ever dream of (I have bad eye-sight, so the thought of someone or something being able to see perfectly for miles has always intrigued me). Plus, I have a thing for pointed ears. And pointy teeth. But that’s for another story.

So I started with a blank slate. As I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to write something that I would enjoy reading. My personal tastes have always leaned towards more rustic and medieval settings. I prefer bows and arrows over guns. Magic over science. Flowing capes and dresses over jeans and tennis shoes. You get the idea. Therefore, my world had to be rustic and fantasy-based.

Of course, I didn’t start with the world. Goodness, no. Writers have a story they want to tell. That means I had to know what I wanted my book to be about.

SPOILER ALERT! It’s a fairly minor spoiler – but now you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

I wanted my story to revolve around a main character who was a half-breed. Part of two worlds. Two opposing worlds. AND – one of the fundamental conflicts I wanted in the story is that my main character doesn’t know she’s a half-breed. No one around her knows, in fact. (Trust me, it makes sense in the book). I wanted to explore how the character would react to discovering her heritage and then learning both sides of the racial conflict. I also wanted there to be romance. (Hey, I’m a girl. So sue me). As much as I hate them, I understand the logic behind a love triangle – especially in my type of story. Then it’s not just choosing which race to side with — there’s the love element as well. Keep in mind, the two races do not get along. At all. So choosing sides is a big deal. For now. The series is by no means finished. Who knows what I have in store? 😉

That is the seed that turned into my novel. Once I knew what story I wanted to tell, the rest followed suit. Next I had to decide on my races, their powers, how the magic system would work, why the characters acted the way they did … there was a lot of work that went into the development of the world I decided to name Myrillia. I won’t go into all the details today (what would I write about next week?) but I do promise to expound more on how I went about creating a fictional world. If you’re interested, of course.

Which brings me to my finishing question: What would you like to hear about next Friday? A continuation on how I came up with my ideas? Maybe an explanation of my magic system? Would you rather know more about my actual writing process – how I get the words out? Or would you like to hear about my journey into publishing? Comment away, and feel free to add any other questions or ideas you’d like to hear about!


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