Tentative posting schedule.

Well folks, I think I’ve finally decided on a posting schedule!

It’s going to follow a fairly common Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule – but there’s probably a reason why it’s popular, right? Granted, this could all change after my first week of attempts, but at least right now I’m hopeful.

Enough about my hopes and dreams though; you probably want to know what my topics are going to be, right?


Well, Mondays are going to be dedicated to weekly goals and recaps. By that, I’ll post what I hope to accomplish for the week (most likely in the novel writing department) and will recap what I managed to finish the previous week. Any fun events I have planned will be included here, too. (I hope to one day run contests or trivia events for fans of Myrillia … but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.)

Wednesdays are going to be dedicated to all things reading. The major endeavor I’m going to add in this, is a tracking list of all the books I read. I’ve seen a few other bloggers trying to reach 100 books in a year goal, and it pricked my curiosity. I’ve never actuallyย countedย the number of books I read. It might be fun to see how many I can do. Plus, I go through sporadic reading cycles. I’d like to see how many books I tend to go through before my ‘reading itch’ is appeased. In addition, Wednesday posts might have book reviews, excited squealing for new books I’m looking forward to, or recommendations based on similar genres/series. I think Wednesdays are going to be fun!

Finally, Fridays are for writing. Yup. If I’m going to have a day dedicated to reading, you can bet there’s going to be one for writing! This is where I’ll post snippets and previews of my current work, little insights into how I come up with some of my material, and any announcements for upcoming releases. This is where I’ll also post for beta readers, too. Hmm. I could even advertise for artists … anyone know how much an artist would charge for original concept art? I’ve done some of my own, but I’d kill for ‘professional’ quality work. I’m an amateur.


So anyway, there you have it! I’m hoping to do some research to figure out how to set up categories so if readers want to focus on just my Reading Wednesdays they can … I also want to keep a running tally of the books I’ve read this year. Yeesh. After three months you’d think I’d know how to do more on here. Oh well.


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