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Thanks to Hayley Knighten for tagging me in this blog hop! I’m not sure that I can really do it justice … but I can at least try. Again, I don’t have a ton of folks that I follow, and all my writer peeps are already tagged in the post that tagged me. I need to branch out more …


What Am I Working On?  I’m currently working on the sequel to my debut novel, UnBlessed. The new book is titled Fire Blessed, and the series is meant to be Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy. In addition, they’re more … High Fantasy, I suppose. Definitely not the popular Paranormal or Dystopian that’s going around nowadays. I had hoped for the majority of Fire Blessed be done in April Camp NaNoWriMo, but unfortunately real life has decided to intrude and ruin that idea. House selling can do that. At least I’m 37,000 in. Not bad, really.


How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre?   Well, I can now finally and safely say that my story is completely original. I had an editor friend of mine read it, and he said it first, in a review no less. So, yeah. I’m original. ^_^

That isn’t to say you won’t find some familiar elements of fantasy in my novels. There is magic – but no witches or warlocks. There are shape-shifters, but they aren’t werewolves. Not by a long shot. The societies are semi-feudal, but there are no kings or queens … But there is a ton of intrigue, romance, and assorted other elements for the reader to dig into.


Why Do I Write What I Write?   Well, basically, I wrote something that I wanted to read. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires, werewolves, witches, dystopian societies, and all the other popular stuff going around. (Except for Game of Thrones. But that’s a story for another day.) But I felt there wasn’t enough fantasy fantasy. You know, like Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons. Originally, I wanted my book to be a story about elves – not Christmas elves, mind you. Fantasy elves. Tolkien elves. Well, as I started writing the story just sort of – took over – and I ended up with something much more interesting, to me at least. I did leave a small nod to the original idea that stimulated the book by having my races keep the pointed ears. But it’s very subtle, and most readers might miss it. Which is fine. It was a tribute to me, really. 🙂


How Does Your Writing Process Work?   Process? Well, I’m a very, very new writer, so I don’t know that I have a definite process yet. But thus far, I tend to sit and write fairly linearly. I don’t map out or outline the story itself much – at least, I didn’t at first. With Fire Blessed, I’m going back in time a bit and weaving an alternate story line along with the first, so I’ve created a huge timetable so that I don’t make a monumental mistake. One thing that I have done, is some extreme world building/rules/development. I have a slight obsessive/compulsive issue, so when I created this new world I needed a map for it – so I drew one. Then, when I started creating my magic system I had to create an entire spreadsheet keeping track of the different aspects and how they manifest in my characters … I’ve done entire notebooks of ‘research and development’ – some of it so minor that I don’t know that it makes a difference to anyone except me.

Oh, and a final note about my writing process? I’m super needy. No really! I lucked out and got the most phenomenal beta reader in the universe (no, I won’t share! =P) who has limitless amounts of patience with me. I have to have someone read through my stuff and comment on it – even the stuff that I know is amazing. It’s important to me that someone read through and say, “Yes, this makes sense. No, you aren’t going off on an unnecessary tangent. Yes, this is stupid. Fix it.” Good, bad, indifferent – I just need some sort of feedback before I can move on. It’s weird.


Tag People!

Well, all my writer blogs were already tagged. Except for one or two really famous writers who may or may not have time to respond. Oh well. Here’s my list of peeps – maybe having two nominations will push them to answer?

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8 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Hop

  1. Great answers, and I think it’s brilliant that you are writing what you want to read. I think it’s too easy to fall into the trap of writing what is popular.

    It’s great fun finding your process, I’ve been writing for a while and I still haven’t got a perfect process for myself yet 😀

    Thank you for the tag, though I have already done this blog hop, I really appreciate the thought 🙂 Really enjoy your blog and posts!

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