Fire Blessed update.

Alas, I have some sad news to impart … production of Fire Blessed is going to slow down a bit. In other words, I’m cancelling my Camp NaNo goals. But only for now, and definitely for a good reason!

You see, I finally got an offer on my house! *cue wild cheering here* Which means, if all goes well, I should get to be with my hubby in a little over a month! The bad news? I’m expected to move an entire house in a little over a month! *cue panicked breathing here*

That doesn’t mean I won’t work on Fire Blessed. I’ll still need some downtime and de-stressing projects, and writing does help me relax. Or it gets me pumped, depending on how well the scene is going. Either way, I will not give it up. I just won’t fight for the 3k words a day I was trying to get down. Especially on the days I have to work the real job. Or the days I have to try and sell the massive amount of ‘junk’ we’ve accumulated. It’s not really junk – just stuff that we don’t need in an apartment. Hubby has decided he doesn’t want to do the whole homeowner bit – can’t say I blame him. I wasn’t too thrilled with the yard work, either.

The blog will still get it’s love: in fact I can now implement my posting schedule I’ve been daydreaming about. Well, after I spend a day setting it up. I can actually allow myself to think about what I want to do with it. My first idea? A glimpse at the foreword to Fire Blessed! You see, I want the book to have the potential to stand on its own. Oh, there will be stuff that you won’t understand if you don’t read UnBlessed – it would be impossible to put everything in there. But I’m trying to set it up so that you could read it blind and be able to follow along. Also, I needed a way to explain when the events take place: the first 1/4 of Fire Blessed has events that overlap with UnBlessed – they provide valuable insight into the conflict of my world. Heh. Don’t worry, I was super-extra careful to avoid spoilers. For the most part.

So, this is what I came up with for my foreword. What do you think?


Greetings, adventurer!

Welcome to the world of Myrillia. This beautiful, majestic land is much unlike your own. Wild and untamed, filled with magic and intrigue—and with unfamiliar races. Some of you may have already uncovered the record that has become UnBlessed. You might already be familiar with the Melior; a magical race with the capability to manipulate and control the very Elements of Myrillia. You might remember the other dominant race of the land—the shape-shifting Transeatur. The two races have been enemies for centuries, but the conflict has turned stale. There hasn’t been a battle for a few hundred years and the two races seem content to pretend the other doesn’t exist. Of course, you scholars already knew that.

While it isn’t necessary to have studied the events of UnBlessed, it might be helpful to find a copy of that tome before starting here. Surely, you would want to know of the terrible choice Kisara Tenebris had to make; after all, her decision will send repercussions throughout Myrillia history. Some of them will be within the pages of this very book. It might interest you to know what exactly it is Lucien Glacies is looking for … then again, it may not.

If you have already discovered the secrets of UnBlessed, then be prepared to delve into an earlier chapter of history. Two years earlier, in fact—before Kisara and Lucien’s fateful Blessing ceremony. Get ready to view a completely different side of the Melior with the help of a very, very special individual …



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