Almost back on track.

After stern self-lectures, two boxes of yogurt-covered pretzels, and two hours wasted listing potential names for future characters, I’ve managed to stay moderately on track with the new novel. I’m not exactly where I wanted to be, but I haven’t fallen further behind, either. I look at it as a win.

Still toying with ideas of what I want to focus on with the blog – I do like the idea of scheduling themes for each. I’ll let the ideas simmer a bit more while I madly rush to catch up on the novel front. Definitely look forward to at least one book review at the end of April.


Current novel progress: 22,796

Goal: 70,000


And for those of you dying to get a taste … here’s a little random snippet from the new novel. Had to look pretty hard to find one that didn’t give any spoilers away! Well. At least, I don’t think it does …


“The other servants can manage without you for a day or two, I’ll see to it. It’ll be more of a burden if you don’t recover from whatever this is. How long have you been feeling sick? Tulio mentioned that you were ill last night.” When she didn’t respond, he asked indignantly, “Are you even listening?”
The girl remained silent, arms wrapped around herself, bent double from the force of her coughing. Slowly, she started to straighten, giving Marius a glimpse of her pale face—with a trickle of red running from her lips.
Alarmed, he stopped. “Are you— Hey!”
He watched in horror as she crumpled to the floor.


Whatcha think? Pretty dramatic, huh? Trying to get the hang of this ‘hook’ thing. Does it make you want to keep reading, or is it too abrupt?




9 thoughts on “Almost back on track.

  1. I want to know what happens to the girl. I want to know more… What happens next?
    Marius,Tulio- beautiful names.

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