A new plan of action.

Before I go into details regarding my ‘brilliant’ epiphany, I wanted to share a dark little secret. Technologically speaking, I’m practically a caveman. Cavewoman. Whatever. Oh, sure. I have a computer. A pretty decent one, I think. I know how to get on the internet (who doesn’t these days?), and I even play World of Warcraft (okay, I’m a gaming cavewoman). I have an iPhone, and an iPad. (Both are hand-me-downs from my much more tech savvy husband … yay for Apple putting out new models almost every year!) Do I get the full benefit of having these tools of wonderment? Not hardly. In fact, it wasn’t until this last November that I really started experimenting with some of the tools that most people take for granted. Example? Social media. I’ve had a Facebook for years, but I didn’t know how to use it. Don’t laugh. I created the thing, posted a bunch of pictures from my trip to England five years ago, then ignored it for two years. Then I posted some pictures of my new cat. Then I ignored it again. Twitter? Nope. Instagram? All I know is it involves pictures. I think. Blogs? I knew of them, but hadn’t ever followed one until I created this account four months ago. I’m even ashamed to say that I had to beg one of my younger co-workers to show me how to set the darn thing up.

Which brings me to my epiphany. A big word to explain something rather simple, really. You see, I didn’t really know what a blog entailed when I started this. Now, however, I’ve had a chance to follow some very interesting (and enlightening!) blogs – so I’m going to take a page out of their books. Or blogs, as the case may be.

First: I’m going to try and schedule my posts. I enjoy seeing the ‘Monday’ posts lining up events or goals for the week, and the ‘Friday’ recaps. Maybe it’s because I’m a list person, or maybe it’s because I live by my calendar … but the idea of having regularly scheduled posts appeals to me.

Which leads to the second decision: Create a list of topics or ideas I want to include with my posts. Again, I like lists. And I’ve recently encountered the idea of reviewing books … Needless to say, for a voracious reader like I am, the idea of sharing my favorites and listing my current reads is extremely appealing. This also means I’ll have to be more structured in my personal life, which is always a good thing. Right now I can go through phases where I’ll read two books a day–then go weeks without reading a page. Usually the weeks without reading are involved with writing or leveling my next character in Warcraft to 90 … There’s no reason I can’t do a little of each instead of binge.

So! That is my ‘new plan’. Like I said, simple – but for a social pariah like me, profound. I’ll need to do a bit of brainstorming to decide which days would work best for me, but as soon as I decide, I’ll do my best to stick to it. Tuesdays actually might be a really good choice for my first one … Warcraft is usually down for maintenance in the mornings … ^.^


Also, here’s my update on the Camp Nano front: I’m behind. Not drastically so, but I’m not where I want to be. (And here I am wasting my word count on a long winded blog …) To be honest, I had some really long days at my real job, as well as some unexpected house showings. I’m actually doing rather well, considering. Luckily, I have Wednesday and Thursday off, so I plan to do some good marathon writing then.

Current word count : 14,000

Goal: 70,000


17 thoughts on “A new plan of action.

  1. Yup! Now you’re getting it! Here’s my informal schedule (one list person to another) Monday goals/progress, Teaser Tuesdays where I write two sentences from a book I’m reading. Thursdays are for book reviews. Sun I post a few sentences from a project of mine. The rest are open for whatever I like or no post at all. Join group challenges to help drive traffic 😉 Then tweet your blog updates and have that automatically feed into your author facebook 😉

    Viola, social media queen instead of a cavelady.

    • Wait! Wait! Slow down! *scribbles frantically*

      Seriously, though, that’s a HUGE help to see a breakdown. What exactly is a group challenge? Something like Camp Nano? You … sign up for them? *blush* Like I said, still trying to get a hang of this. You’re actually one of my inspirations – I love your posts, and look forward to them. I’m trying to also get in the habit of commenting on at least one blog every few days.

      At least I’ve figured out how to tweet and feed to facebook. Would that make me a social media duchess?

      • Duchess Goodwin

        An example of a group challenge is my Monday update post. The YABuckaneers made a challenge. I posted a link to my team mates and to the main blog. There is a group called Teaser Tuesdays. Search WordPress and you’ll find it. There’s also Insecure Writers, What’s Up Wednesday and other groups and challenges. Find one or two you like.

        If I read but no comment I make sure I “Like” the post. Leave my mark. I do try to visit and interact. It gives me ideas for my own blog.

        Hope that helps. I certainly have enjoyed my informal structure and the groups. Nano messes it all up though.

        Now, I need to start following you on twitter & FB. I’ll set that up when I get home this morning.

      • Ooh. I like the sound of that. Duchess Goodwin. There probably was one, once.

        Okay. Homework : Search for groups. Return the social media follow. Try to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

        Yeah, Nano has a way of taking over, doesn’t it?

  2. I’ve been contemplating a schedule of sorts for a while now. Blogs are great, but eventually I get tired of “hearing” myself talk or run out of meaningful stuff to say. The little schedule helps me keep predictable content and shake things up a bit. I may change it later, but I really like it. Plus, it’s adaptable. I came up with my schedule right before Nano, so I’ll give it a good test drive next month.

    You already have a book out, so it could potentially help you gain more readers. It has helped me get new followers and such.

    • More followers are always a good thing. More readers, too. I’m still stuck in the rut of ‘what to say’ … I still don’t know what is considered interesting to others. Which is why the book review thing caught my interest. Surely folks would want to be pointed in the direction of new books, right? I’ve decided to do the Teaser Tuesday, too. I’m still a little baffled about how to join the group though. I just title it properly, and put the little excerpt about the rules up? I’m probably making it harder than it has to be …

      • Now, there are other groups similar to TT. Here is my post click on the should be reading link. My tablet doesn’t like to copy URLs from text links.


        Just one posting of this has people wanting me to do a review on it. Plus, it drives traffic to another author. Joining the group drive traffic to you. I sent my link to the author and she tweeted it. Which is awesome b/c it’s advertisement for her and potential followers for me. If you do TT or reviews, clue the authors in 😉 It helps you as much as them if not more.

        I’m figuring this stuff out slowly but surely.

      • Okay, I’ve followed the ‘should be reading’ blog. (The other events looked interesting, too.) *scribbles notes* Clue author in on TT or reviews … Got it. You’re such a help! Thank you!

      • I’m working on that email to send you, but I’ve got to get back to paycheck job. I’ll try to get it to you in the next day or two. I think you’ll dig some of it.

  3. I do hope these ideas help. If I can get my defunct grey matter to behave, I’ll send you an email on some stuff. Things that may or may not work for what you want. I’ll squeeze it in when I’m stuck with my writing.

  4. I look forward to seeing what your new schedule is. Also, I’m not doing camp nano until July but I think having a good camper hat and some trail mix might help. Oooo and smores! Make yourself some smores and the inspiration will start a-flowin!

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