Good grief.

So, I was browsing through my old posts the other day with the intention of getting my blog ready for Camp NaNoWriMo. However, I discovered something much more pressing and alarming.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am hereby banning exclamation points from my posts.


Just looking at my about me page made me cringe; I sound like a hyperactive teenager-which would be fine if I was even remotely close to being a teenager. Granted, I am hyperactive, but I should be clever enough to express that without exclamations, right? *thinks frantically* Right???

Also, I promise to stop using suspension points in my blog titles. It, too, is starting to become an alarming habit. My attempts to sound mysterious and suspenseful are coming across like I have Alzheimer’s. Yeesh.

On the flip side, I’m ready and waiting for Camp to start. Bring it on!



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