Well, folks! It’s now official! My first novel, UnBlessed, is now in print! I’m officially a published author! Excuse me, while I go loudly freak out now.

*high pitched shrieking*

Ahem. Okay. Now that I have that out of my system, you can purchase my work immediately on my estore here:

*blushes* Yes, yes, I’m sorry about the sparkly, girly banner display. I’ve never made one before, and well. I kinda liked it. I promise to have a better one with the next book!


Amazon should have it linked up with the kindle version within 5-7 business days, I’ll post an updated link once it has gone live. In the meantime, here’s a disclaimer – or at least some rule abiding:

available on kindle

I wouldn’t want to violate any terms and conditions. So here’s the links with their associated logos:

a.com_logo_RGB (US) (UK)

a.ca_logo_RGBย (CA)


Just a heads up, if you want to purchase multiple formats – I recommend waiting to buy the print version from Amazon. If you buy the print copy from them first, the kindle edition is discounted to $2.99 as part of their matchbook program. Pretty neat, huh? I can add additional links to other amazon as requested. I only put up the ones where I know I have friends or family who want to buy my book. ๐Ÿ™‚


Finally, UnBlessed is enrolled for expanded distribution. This means it should be available in mainstream bookstores, libraries and other institutions within 6-8 weeks. Granted, I’m not quite sure how that works-I think you would still need to tell your library or Barnes and Noble that you want them to order copies… *shrug* Just the fact that it’s possible is enough to give me goose bumps.


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