Technical issues . . .

So, unfortunately, I’ve encountered quite a few technical issues in my quest for publication perfection . . .

First, it was formatting. Turns out my margins were waaay too short on the edges of the pages, but too large in the gutter (yep, reverse issues). So I spent a few hours fixing margins until they were just right. But then, I realized that I almost published a 6 x 9 paperback. Way bigger than I was envisioning! So I had to go through and reformat for a smaller page size. (Turns out I’ll have to use a 5 x 8 template in order to have my book available for purchase … still bigger than I hoped, but not nearly as big as I feared.) Oh, and by the way? There’s a feature in Microsoft Word that will clean up your widows and orphans (novel speak for isolated lines at the top or bottom of pages) for you. Yeah, I found that out after spending almost six hours fixing them manually . . . Ugh.

And now that I have all my formatting done? The publisher I wanted to go through is having technical difficulties on their website. It’s just not fair!

So, until further notice, my grand publication event will be postponed. Not to fear, though! I have a fun little tidbit for everyone!

Behold! A color map of my fantasy world, Myrillia!

Full color version of Myrillia!

Full color version of Myrillia!


11 thoughts on “Technical issues . . .

  1. Sorry about your problems, but if it’s any consolation, I want to live on your map. I’d build a little house at the top right in between the lake and the stream. My house would be on the edge of the mountain line but close enough to the forest for hunting. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sure! I think I have some of it posted on here somewhere . . . But basically it’s a young adult fantasy novel. I just finished what I think is going to be my blurb: look for it on an upcoming post as well!

        Sometimes, being different can be a good thing.
        Other times it may be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

        Then again, being different can be dangerous.

        The world of Myrillia is an untamed, magical world inhabited by two dominant races. The Melior are elementalists, capable of commanding the power of the Elements. The Transeatur are shifters, capable of taking the form of their Guardian Spirit. The two races have been at war for centuries and the now dormant conflict is about to reawaken.

        A young Melior female, Kisara Tenebris, goes about her everyday life, unaware that her world will soon shatter apart. Faced with an impossible choice, Kisara learns just what it means to be different.


      • That sounds truly majestic. I’m just getting into YA Fantasy. Make sure you add a buy link when it’s up and I’ll add you to my to-buy list :D. I can already tell I will enjoy your work.

      • Wow, thanks! I’ll do what I can – this is actually my first novel, so I’m still learning the ropes. I will definitely make sure that there’s a post when I have it available!

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