The start of something beautiful … Maybe.

Welcome to my new blog! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Crystin, a budding new author, as well as an avid reader, obsessive gamer, and mediocre artist. I currently have a manuscript in the final revision stages, tentatively titled UnBlessed. It’s slated to be part of a series, which again, is tentatively called The Blessings of Myrillia. I say tentative, because I tend to change my mind every other day. The original title of the novel was A Race Apart, but I feel that the new one is more fitting for a young adult fantasy novel.

Over the next few days (or weeks) I plan to explain a little more about the world of Myrillia, add a teaser about the novel, post a few excerpts, and hopefully add a little contest or two before the book is officially published. Be sure to check in to see what’s in store!


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